Engineered Quartz

Is Sleek, Durable, and Elegant


Quartz Kitchen CountertopWhen designing a space, there are many decisions every homeowner needs to make, from paint color to flooring; backsplash ideas to countertop materials. The countertops in particular are of great importance because they are the main focal point of the room. And with so many materials to chose from the possibilities are endless.

Lately, quartz has been the go-to material for homeowners and designers who want to achieve an elegant timeless look, while not sacrificing durability. Engineered quartz is a man-made stone created with modern technology by mixing natural quartz stone with resins to create a harder-than-rock surface, which can be manufactured in endless colors and designs. Engineered quartz is hard, nonporous, nonabrasive, and nonreactive to acids, making it a perfect material for countertops, backsplash, walls, and even flooring.

The Process

From the Manufacturer to Classic Stoneworks

Quartz Slab Manufacturing PlantFirst a mixture of 93% natural quartz stone and 7% resin, along with dye is mixed into the appropriate pattern. Industrial equipment is then used to heat and press the mixture into slabs, the slabs are then left to cure for 4-7 days.

After the slabs are cured they are then placed through a polishing and buffing process where the slabs are sanded and polished with fine abrasives until the desired polish is achieved. The slabs are then shipped around the country to local stone suppliers.

From Classic Stoneworks to your Home

Classic Stoneworks Stone Fabrication ShopFirst we send our template specialist to your home where they will make a digital template using a specialized laser template machine. They will then confirm your final selections of edge profile, corner radius, sink type, backsplash, overhangs, and any other custom details.

The template is then brought back to our shop and laid out digitally on high resolution images of the slab of your choice, our programmer will then choose where, if any, seams need to placed to achieve the best look and flow for your countertop.

The digital template is then sent out to our Fusion water-jet machine where your slab will be loaded onto the table and cut exactly as it was laid out on the high resolution image. After the pieces are rough cut they are then transferred to our Titan CNC polishing machine where they are polished with the edge profile of your choice. The countertops are then inspected and finished by one of our highly qualified hand fabricators before they are complete.

Finally the countertops will then be transported and installed in your home by a team of our installation experts, where they will use a special stone epoxy to glue the seams, attach the sinks, and drill holes for faucets.