Granite looks great - it’s beautiful and sleek, and with hundreds of different colors to choose from you can choose a type that will match any cabinets. Granite looks elegant and will add value to your home. Many home buyers are looking for homes with granite countertops, so if you plan on selling your home in the future, granite will increase your home’s value and provide a great investment.

From The Quarry To Classic Stoneworks

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    Raw granite is first quarried from the granite rocks in the earth. The majority of granite used in countertops today comes from Brazil, India, Italy, Norway, China, and the United States. Granite is cut into blocks and transported to a manufacturing facility.
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    At the facility the blocks are cut into more usable slabs and then coated with resin to fill any minor fissures and seal the stone, making it ready for polishing. A polished finish is achieved through a buffing process where the stone is sanded and polished with fine abrasives until it displays a natural shine.
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    The granite slabs are then packaged tightly into wooden crates and loaded into shipping containers to be shipped to granite distributors all around the world.

From Classic Stoneworks To Your Home

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    We first send our template specialist to your home to make a digital template using a specialized laser template machine. While at your home they will confirm your final selections of edge profile, corner radius, sink type, backsplash, overhangs, and any other custom details.
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    The newly built template is then brought back to our shop and laid out digitally on high-resolution images of the slab of your choice. Our programmer will then choose where, if any, seams need to be located to achieve the best look and usability for your countertop.
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    The digital template is then sent out to our Fusion water-jet machine where your slab will be loaded onto the table and cut exactly as it was laid out in the high-resolution image.
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    After the pieces are rough cut they are then transferred to our Titan CNC polishing machine where they are polished with the edge profile of your choice.
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    The countertops are then inspected and finished by one of our highly qualified hand fabricators.
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    Finally, the countertops will then be transported and installed in your home by a team of our installation experts. They will use special stone epoxy to glue the seams, attach the sinks, drill holes for faucets, and seal your countertops with our professional 25-year sealer.

Examples of Types Granite Countertops Available

  1. White Granite Countertops: Typically quarried from Brazil, India, and China. It's not pure white; it has veining and flecks of other colors.
  2. Leathered Granite Countertops: This is not a color but a finish. It offers a textured surface unlike polished granite and can come from various quarries globally.
  3. Brown Granite Countertops: Commonly sourced from India, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia. It contains a mix of tan, beige, and black granules.
  4. Blue Granite Countertops: Often sourced from coastal Brazil and Norway. It consists of blue minerals embedded within the stone.
  5. Gray Granite Countertops: Mainly quarried in the USA, China, and India. It ranges from light to dark gray with varying patterns.
  6. Green Granite Countertops: Predominantly found in India, Saudi Arabia, and China. Its color comes from minerals like jade, chlorite, and serpentine.

Check out what these granite countertops and others will look like with our visualizer!