Cambria Stone Care Guide

Keep Your Stone Surfaces Looking Better for Longer

Regular Cambria Stone Maintenance Instructions

Cambria is pure natural quartz. Its nonporous and nonabsorbent surface is highly resistant to staining and requires no sealants. To clean your Cambria stone countertops, simply wipe them down with warm water, a soft cotton rag, and mild soap if desired. Unlike granite, Cambria stone does not require regular sealing to remain food-safe.

Note that variations in the natural stone (quartz) color, pattern, size, shape, and shade are inherent and unique characteristics to be expected with this Product. This does not affect the Product performance in any manner. Cambria is not a seamless Product, seams are visible. Where there are seams the product pattern and shade can change. Download the PDF care guide below.


Cambria Stone is NOT Indestructible

Preventing thermal shock damage

Cambria is a beautiful and very durable natural stone, but it can still be damaged by sudden and/or rapid changes in temperature. This is especially true near the edges of the countertop or near the seams. Direct sustained heat to the top of the surface may also led to damage. Cambria stone may not withstand the direct heat of pots or pans or other heat source appliances such as air fryers, heat lamps, slow cookers, or electric frying pans. We always recommend using a hot pad or a solid trivet to prevent thermal shock.

Preventing chips in your stone countertops

Cambria is durable and more resistant to surface damage than other stones. However, all stones can be damaged by force and no stone is chip-proof. Objects hitting edges, particularly at sinks or dishwashers or seams, may cause chips. Though a minor knife slip will dull the knife and not harm Cambria, no stone surface is scratch-proof. Surface markings are more visible on monotone designs than on multi-colored surfaces.

Preventing stress fractures

Cambria is not a structural support Product. 2cm and 3cm Cambria thicknesses are for countertops and must be supported. 1cm thicknesses are for surface finishes such as walls, tub and shower surrounds and fireplaces; horizontal applications such as a tub deck must be completely supported as well.

Preventing chemical damage

DO NOT USE the following on Cambria under any circumstance
Product List

  • Bleach
  • Oven cleaners
  • Comet®
  • Soft Scrub®
  • SOS®
  • Products with pumice
  • Batteries
  • Paint removers
  • Furniture strippers
  • Tarnish or silver cleaners, or the like.
  • DO NOT use abrasive or harsh scrub pads.
  • DO NOT apply any sealers, penetrants or topical treatments to Cambria under any circumstances. Such products will wear off and cause the gloss to appear dull or inconsistent.


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